Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in cityofcandles,
Elizabeth McCoy

Seraphim Council Meeting

I've been reminded that this would be a good thing to do! It would happen in the 2-year period that the Marches expidition wound up being (hi, slow-time Domain!). I'd need volunteers to play Archangels! (As GM, Archangels are at least quasi-NPCs, and I reserve the right to tweak or rewrite as needed for flow and foreshadowing and continuity and all that.) People who know enough about where the games are get to volunteer. Anyone else, I'd need to ask the MU* owner about invites and we don't want a bazillion people dropping by and crashing the place. O;>

(Besides, the cityofcandles.greatestjournal.com place is useful, no?)

So. Scheduling. Who someone might want to take as an AA. Etc.

I get Jean, Lilith, and the other Shangri-La lot. Also Yves.
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