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And after migrating said private wiki . . .

Apparently PBwiki has three ways to let someone else edit your wiki. One, they need their own PBwiki account, and you give that account a certain level of permission ("Reader" for read-only, "Contributor" for editing perms, "Moderator" for deletion perms, and "Administrator" is the wiki's owner). Two, you give them a "magic link" that lets anyone who clicks on it edit the wiki at a certain level of permission. Three, you give them the password to edit it at a certain level of permission.

So to minimize Beth's headaches, can SSO players (and people in general who might be interested in editing the Candlewiki) create a PBwiki account and comment here with the e-mail address they used to create it? (There don't seem to be usernames attached, just e-mail addresses.) Feel free to format it like or s.lynn.d @ gmail . com or whatever -- which is, incidentally, my account address. That way, once it gets migrated, all this information will be in one convenient place for Beth to work with. (I mean, if PBwiki turns out to suck, we might need a new host anyway, but at least this way people can access the old stuff too. [grins])

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