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In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room

In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room
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What if there was more than one Symphony, or more than one world within the Symphony? In a Nutshell is a dressing room-style game for any and all In Nomine and In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas-related characters, based on that premise. We welcome canon, original, and AU characters, and players of all skill levels (from complete newcomers to In Nomine and/or journalsgames to veterans of both). While the game is largely freeform, we also welcome players running their own plots, one-shot events, and other structured campaign-like things, as well as making their own posts or simply playing in the existing ones. Dreamwidth invite codes are available on request, and the moderator is happy to answer questions and help people settle in.
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Okay, so most of you have probably seen me post this on my own LJ, but it can't hurt to put it up elsewhere, can it? :-)

SSO "refugees" -- ex-players, ex-characters, characters or players who never got to play -- are more than welcome to hang out with us, and so are non-refugees. I'm playing SSO Salathiel and some far-future SSO characters who haven't shown up yet, among a small army of others, and undauntra's had a few threads with 24601, including one in Shangri-La.

If you want to play something completely unrelated to SSO, too, that's also more than welcome! We've had characters from Interesting Times, In Nomine Ludi, Southern Cross, Bright is Beautiful, Don't Get Caught!, Brass & Steel, random AUs, straight-up canon, and more -- and with no minimum activity rates or application process, you can break out and drop characters at your convenience.

Want to run plot? Want to run fluffy interactions? Want completely mundane scenes, or overtly and indulgently supernatural ones? Want to test-drive one-shots or campaign seeds before dropping them on your hapless players, or do "bluebooking" for your main game in LJ format? Comedy, drama, IN Anime, IN Cyberpunk, GURPS IN, INS/MV -- pretty much whatever you want to do, you can drop by the Nutshell and do it.

Please feel free to direct any questions, concerns, or requests my way, especially if there's anything I can do that would make the Nutshell more interesting for you. Alternately, if you want to sound players out or anything, our OOC community is available for random chatter and plotting things. And I'm happy to provide Dreamwidth invite codes -- I have a million of them, don't feel bad for asking for one! -- and you can choose to play with an OpenID account if you'd rather.

We hope to see you there!
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