Some updates on the page...

Since I got Coda 2, I was able to add in an old log that'd never gotten added. Then Liriel found a Fou-Lu log! I haven't added that one yet, and there are 2 more Leo logs, and then there is a Meridae (my kid) log, and then a Private and Meridae one...

Anyway, there was an update on the page.

There are some (1-2) updates that are out of order. If you see one, please do comment and say where it should probably go.

So... re-reading old logs...

Put ze spouse in a mode to ponder what might be happening.

Okay, so as of the last log I posted (and, curse it, I know there's more, including a 666 on Hiram -- because if God gets Liriel, Lucifer wants a Malakite in exchange, I guess -- but I don't know where that file is anymore...):
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In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room

In a Nutshell: an In Nomine dressing room
and count myself a king of infinite space
What if there was more than one Symphony, or more than one world within the Symphony? In a Nutshell is a dressing room-style game for any and all In Nomine and In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas-related characters, based on that premise. We welcome canon, original, and AU characters, and players of all skill levels (from complete newcomers to In Nomine and/or journalsgames to veterans of both). While the game is largely freeform, we also welcome players running their own plots, one-shot events, and other structured campaign-like things, as well as making their own posts or simply playing in the existing ones. Dreamwidth invite codes are available on request, and the moderator is happy to answer questions and help people settle in.
were it not that I have strange dreams . . .
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Okay, so most of you have probably seen me post this on my own LJ, but it can't hurt to put it up elsewhere, can it? :-)

SSO "refugees" -- ex-players, ex-characters, characters or players who never got to play -- are more than welcome to hang out with us, and so are non-refugees. I'm playing SSO Salathiel and some far-future SSO characters who haven't shown up yet, among a small army of others, and undauntra's had a few threads with 24601, including one in Shangri-La.

If you want to play something completely unrelated to SSO, too, that's also more than welcome! We've had characters from Interesting Times, In Nomine Ludi, Southern Cross, Bright is Beautiful, Don't Get Caught!, Brass & Steel, random AUs, straight-up canon, and more -- and with no minimum activity rates or application process, you can break out and drop characters at your convenience.

Want to run plot? Want to run fluffy interactions? Want completely mundane scenes, or overtly and indulgently supernatural ones? Want to test-drive one-shots or campaign seeds before dropping them on your hapless players, or do "bluebooking" for your main game in LJ format? Comedy, drama, IN Anime, IN Cyberpunk, GURPS IN, INS/MV -- pretty much whatever you want to do, you can drop by the Nutshell and do it.

Please feel free to direct any questions, concerns, or requests my way, especially if there's anything I can do that would make the Nutshell more interesting for you. Alternately, if you want to sound players out or anything, our OOC community is available for random chatter and plotting things. And I'm happy to provide Dreamwidth invite codes -- I have a million of them, don't feel bad for asking for one! -- and you can choose to play with an OpenID account if you'd rather.

We hope to see you there!
Beth-haran (house of grace.)

And after migrating said private wiki . . .

Apparently PBwiki has three ways to let someone else edit your wiki. One, they need their own PBwiki account, and you give that account a certain level of permission ("Reader" for read-only, "Contributor" for editing perms, "Moderator" for deletion perms, and "Administrator" is the wiki's owner). Two, you give them a "magic link" that lets anyone who clicks on it edit the wiki at a certain level of permission. Three, you give them the password to edit it at a certain level of permission.

So to minimize Beth's headaches, can SSO players (and people in general who might be interested in editing the Candlewiki) create a PBwiki account and comment here with the e-mail address they used to create it? (There don't seem to be usernames attached, just e-mail addresses.) Feel free to format it like or s.lynn.d @ gmail . com or whatever -- which is, incidentally, my account address. That way, once it gets migrated, all this information will be in one convenient place for Beth to work with. (I mean, if PBwiki turns out to suck, we might need a new host anyway, but at least this way people can access the old stuff too. [grins])

dronte, dodo

From Liriel's fan club with love, part 2

Submitted to The Free Voice and cross-posted to the community HotLirielAction, signed with the pseudonym "Burning Sword".

Liriel cried as Lucifer threw her to the bed, her pleading eyes begging the demon for mercy which he would have nothing of! He only laughed at her pain and showed her his big veinous sword which would soon penetrate her and deeply wound her like a real sword.

She shuddered violently as the vile demon penetrated her violently again and again. The vile demon laughed at her misery and the laughter shook Liriel to her core and she pleaded with her vile captor to let her go, in the name of all good.

The pleading just aroused Lucifer and he threw her to the bed to have his ways again when suddenly a Blinding Light filled the room, blinding the demon but not Liriel.

A stream of demonic prophany streamed from Lucifers mouth as he cowardly tried to seek cover. The proud Commander suddenly stood before them, His sword tipping at an angle from his body, reaching new lengths at the sight of Liriel naked before him.

The demon and the Malakite crashed together, mighty weapon trust upon mighty weapon, testing their strength, their endurance, their prowess in the deadly battle. Soon their skin was glistening with sweat, their breath heavy as they both struggled to get their way.

It was soon clear that the Virtue could not be subdued, and Lucifer cowardly ran away again swearing that he would get his revenge. Liriel cried of happiness as the Malakite lifted her up with his muscles glistening and hugged her tight. Finally she was safe again, in the arms of her Lover.

The End!

Power Levels

There is some interest in, well... It's been a few real life years of play. And it could be interesting to accelerate development a bit here and there. In essence, I'm thinking of boosting the power-levels.

I'm not quite sure, at this moment, what that would involve. (Among other reasons, I'm feeling very cotton-brained right now.) Some options are:

* A lump sum of points, to be spent with GM approval.
* Minor Words (!), subject to GM and Lilith approval. (We don't always agree. My NPC pouts.)
* Distinctions (probably only first or second level).
* Extra Forces/attunements
* Toys! Mmm, artifacts.

I'm not yet sure what I'd do with guest NPCs. Probably get something in mind for the first reasonable time to gift it, get entertaining with Interventions (if any show up), or otherwise meta-fasttrack.

Please discuss! (Also, someone point Sirea at this post if I don't catch her, please!)

Seraphim Council Meeting

I've been reminded that this would be a good thing to do! It would happen in the 2-year period that the Marches expidition wound up being (hi, slow-time Domain!). I'd need volunteers to play Archangels! (As GM, Archangels are at least quasi-NPCs, and I reserve the right to tweak or rewrite as needed for flow and foreshadowing and continuity and all that.) People who know enough about where the games are get to volunteer. Anyone else, I'd need to ask the MU* owner about invites and we don't want a bazillion people dropping by and crashing the place. O;>

(Besides, the place is useful, no?)

So. Scheduling. Who someone might want to take as an AA. Etc.

I get Jean, Lilith, and the other Shangri-La lot. Also Yves.