dronte (dronte) wrote in cityofcandles,

From Liriel's fan club with love...

Submitted to The Free Voice, signed with the pseudonym "Burning Sword".

"Will you be gentle with me?" Liriel whispered as her orbs gazed lovingly into the Malakite's steely eyes. "Virtue is strong, but never gentle," he huskily responded and took her into his arms. Liriel sighed as she finally could feel the love and security she had craved, and that she never could get as a demon. Hers was a lonely life, always without love and trust. Her wings shivered as she could feel the strength of his Virtue and a single tear fell from her eye.

The Malakite held her in his muscular arms. "Will you do the honorable thing, Liriel," he asked, and stared deeply into the soul of the demon, looking for the trace of Virtue lodged deep inside her. "Will you let me lead the way and give yourself to the Light?"

Liriel gasped for breath. "I want to, but perhaps I'm to weak! What if I'm not honorable enough!" She clung to his arms, hoping for support from the sturdy Virtue, his chains chiming softly as he held her to his chest.

"You have the seed of Virtue inside you," he calmly explained. "And I will go with you, if you wish." A hint of question trailed the last sentence. Would the demon trust him enough to let her be filled up with God's Light? Would she let the years of torment in Hell be swept away and finally see that she belonged with him?

"Yes!" she gasped, after a moments hesitation. "Yes, take me with you! But hold me tight, and do not let go!" Her eyes begged the proud Virtue for reassurance, which she got of course.

"I will never let you go, Liriel," he softly said and let his wings embrace them both. She shuddered as the Commander's feathered wings slid over her body, shielding them both from outside viewers as a blinding light from above engulfed them and lifted them both into the Light.

The End.
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