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Polling the comm-users!

...well, okay, first, obligatory wikifairying.

* The Index Page is your friend. Among other things, it's got a list of scenes and subplots and whatnot that need to be played out at some point, and could easily be modified to include scenes that people just plain want to play out.

* The Recently Updated page is also your friend. archangelbeth just did some updating today, and you can see the new pages here and here; the other most-recent pages are from me doing linkage stuff. (Note for general reference: if a page says it was last edited by me, that's probably because I just did minor editing, unless it's a brand-new page.)

* The cityofcandles profile and the wiki scorecard? Also your friends, because they provide nice convenient fast links to PC and major NPC/ex-PC profiles, and there are still people who don't have a wikipage or don't have an updated one. If you don't have a Schtuff account, it takes about five seconds to set up; you need to give archangelbeth your username, and then you'll have access to edit wiki pages. We will be very happy if you edit wiki pages, even if you only edit your own character's/characters'. [nods]

* And on the subject of editing, the About This Space page is your friend if you want to be really helpful and build a new page or two!

Second! We've had this comm for three years as of July 15th, and in those three years, I've only minorly tweaked the default icon and I've never tweaked the comm layout. On the one hand, this probably says good things about the current layout's useability and so on; on the other hand, three years is a pretty long time to keep staring at the same colorscheme. So would anyone object if I wanted to fiddle with the layout, and/or would anyone like to register a strong preference if I do fiddle? (I.e., "Please make it darker," "please make it brighter," "please don't change the layout even if you change the colors," "please keep the colors even if you change the layout," etc.) I won't do it for at least a couple days, to give people a chance to comment, and I won't do it at all if most people veto, but I like playing with 'em, so. [laughs]

(Also, if anyone has particular ideas about different default icons, I'm all ears. [grins])
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