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Schedulefairy sez...

We've got three scenes on the table, now that the Massive Group Scene™ is cliffhangered. So! Tentative scheduling:

Fou-Lu, Leo, and Salathiel: Tuesday starting at 10:00 AM EST (or whenever everyone gets there).

Fou-Lu and Liriel: . . . depends on ze Unni! Sirea says she's good for all mornings/afternoons for the foreseeable future, Beth is generally good for ~10AM-3PM EST. Are you good Wednesday or Friday, Unni, or do y'all need to look at next week or later? And if so, what days/times work for you? Wednesday starting at 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST (or whenever everyone gets there).

Hiram: Thursday starting at 1:00 PM EST (or whenever everyone gets there).

(Note: We're going to be roleplaying some stuff out of order: the Hiram scene should happen simultaneously with the Fou-Leo-Sal one, so things might come up Thursday that should affect the scene tomorrow, and the Fou-Liri scene should've happened before today's scene, so things might happen in it which should've affected today/tomorrow. Since it's just easier to schedule this way, though, ze GM is just going to wave the magic retcon wand if it comes up. [grins])

Any objections to the above scheduling?
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