Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in cityofcandles,
Elizabeth McCoy

Power Levels

There is some interest in, well... It's been a few real life years of play. And it could be interesting to accelerate development a bit here and there. In essence, I'm thinking of boosting the power-levels.

I'm not quite sure, at this moment, what that would involve. (Among other reasons, I'm feeling very cotton-brained right now.) Some options are:

* A lump sum of points, to be spent with GM approval.
* Minor Words (!), subject to GM and Lilith approval. (We don't always agree. My NPC pouts.)
* Distinctions (probably only first or second level).
* Extra Forces/attunements
* Toys! Mmm, artifacts.

I'm not yet sure what I'd do with guest NPCs. Probably get something in mind for the first reasonable time to gift it, get entertaining with Interventions (if any show up), or otherwise meta-fasttrack.

Please discuss! (Also, someone point Sirea at this post if I don't catch her, please!)
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I like the idea! I also have a guest NPC, so dunno how it would work for him, but I'm also willing to dig up some other more qualified-for-power type if necessary.

I find Words/Distinctions the most potentially interesting tactic, because it doesn't just bump power, it changes the flavor a bit. Words are a distinct character focus, and Distinctions imply responsibility, while more Forces are, well, higher stats. (Of course, for Creationers, that might be more appropriate since they don't do Distinctions.)
...You know what I'm hoping for. ^_^ But, like I answered on the poll Hiram made, I'd suggest customizing it for the character -- like, oh, it'd be inappropriate for 24601 to get a minor Word as a demonling, but many of the other PCs would be perfectly eligible. Salathiel is fairly unlikely to get a Distinction from anyone unless Kath or Mnason is feeling generous, but Hiram likely should as soon as Mnason makes AA. That sort of thing.
...also! For the guestNPCs, I suspect the ones who've been around as long as the PCs can be dealt with similarly to PCs? The newer ones are trickier, but Interventions and meta are shiny. And timeskips if we invoke timeskips. Ten game-years from now, everyone currently active will have done a lot...
...also also. Because it's late and I'm thinky while zoney. [snickers]

What might work well is to give out a big lump sum of XP -- and then attach actual pricetags to Distinctions and Words. If you give out, say, 30 XP, and a Vassalhood costs 10 and a Friendship costs 20, that means that the people who invest in Distinctions are going to get one big Shiny Thing but not be able to overwhelm everyone else, while the people who don't invest there don't get a Shiny Thing but do get a lot of elbow-room for alternatives.

Alternately, fiat that everyone gets the equivalent of a Vassalhood (translating into a minor Word, one or more Really Cool Toys, a significant Force-bonus, etc) as soon as they and the GM work out IC justification, and give a more moderate XP block on top of that to flesh the character out to appropriate-for-the-power-level stats?