Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in cityofcandles,
Elizabeth McCoy

Power Levels

There is some interest in, well... It's been a few real life years of play. And it could be interesting to accelerate development a bit here and there. In essence, I'm thinking of boosting the power-levels.

I'm not quite sure, at this moment, what that would involve. (Among other reasons, I'm feeling very cotton-brained right now.) Some options are:

* A lump sum of points, to be spent with GM approval.
* Minor Words (!), subject to GM and Lilith approval. (We don't always agree. My NPC pouts.)
* Distinctions (probably only first or second level).
* Extra Forces/attunements
* Toys! Mmm, artifacts.

I'm not yet sure what I'd do with guest NPCs. Probably get something in mind for the first reasonable time to gift it, get entertaining with Interventions (if any show up), or otherwise meta-fasttrack.

Please discuss! (Also, someone point Sirea at this post if I don't catch her, please!)
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