dronte (dronte) wrote in cityofcandles,

From Liriel's fan club with love, part 2

Submitted to The Free Voice and cross-posted to the community HotLirielAction, signed with the pseudonym "Burning Sword".

Liriel cried as Lucifer threw her to the bed, her pleading eyes begging the demon for mercy which he would have nothing of! He only laughed at her pain and showed her his big veinous sword which would soon penetrate her and deeply wound her like a real sword.

She shuddered violently as the vile demon penetrated her violently again and again. The vile demon laughed at her misery and the laughter shook Liriel to her core and she pleaded with her vile captor to let her go, in the name of all good.

The pleading just aroused Lucifer and he threw her to the bed to have his ways again when suddenly a Blinding Light filled the room, blinding the demon but not Liriel.

A stream of demonic prophany streamed from Lucifers mouth as he cowardly tried to seek cover. The proud Commander suddenly stood before them, His sword tipping at an angle from his body, reaching new lengths at the sight of Liriel naked before him.

The demon and the Malakite crashed together, mighty weapon trust upon mighty weapon, testing their strength, their endurance, their prowess in the deadly battle. Soon their skin was glistening with sweat, their breath heavy as they both struggled to get their way.

It was soon clear that the Virtue could not be subdued, and Lucifer cowardly ran away again swearing that he would get his revenge. Liriel cried of happiness as the Malakite lifted her up with his muscles glistening and hugged her tight. Finally she was safe again, in the arms of her Lover.

The End!
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