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This community is for participants in and observers/fans of the Superior Soap Opera, an online In Nomine campaign run by archangelbeth which started February 21, 2003; based on the original offline SSO, also by her.

(Cast List:
* GM: archangelbeth (also secondary community maintainer, official site maintainer, wiki moderator, loggist, Princess of Nitpicking)
* 24601, Free Imp, nee Fate: undauntra
* Chadril, Ofanite of Creation (a.k.a. Chad Dullahan): harukami (also quotefiler, fanartist)
* Etseviah, Bright Lilim of Purity (formerly Night-of-Owls, Lilim of Nightmares): jhyanmar
* Fou-Lu, Outcast Grigori of Judgment: ledenyca
* Hiram, Malakite of Creation IST Discovery: malakite
* Liriel, Free Balseraph, nee the Media and Various Others, nee Seraph of Light Angel of Investigation (a.k.a. Courtney Rhys-Jones): solaas (also omake-site maintainer)
* Moonshadow, Bright Lilim of Creation, nee Free Demon of It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: prodigal
* Salathiel, Habbalite IST Discovery, nee the Game: sariel_di (also primary community maintainer, iconmaker, wiki fairy)

Guest NPCers:
* Leo, Renegade Calabite, nee the War and Infernal Fire
* Ellone, Free Impudite nee the Media [Elly]
* Terry, Balseraph Baron of the Media, Demon of TV Advertising
* Various other characters.
* Beth-haran the Elder, Lilim of Lightning nee the Game [Betharan, Bethany Arden, "Ethan"] (retired PC)
* Nicholas, Malakite Vassal of War
wmilliken: (original creator of the SSO universe with archangelbeth)
* Celeste, Bright Lilim of Lightning
* Dariel, Elohite of Creation nee IST Lightning and Destiny
Additional guestNPCing by hitherby_feed (Jordi) and vaultedthewall (Christopher).

Retired Characters:
* Bathkerioth, Malakite of Stone (a.k.a. "Keri", Carrie Davidson): undauntra (former PC)
* Caleb, Malakite of Creation: jhyanmar (former PC)
* Vaina, Cherub of the Waters vaguely IST Discovery or Lightning: fadethecat (former guestNPC)

Guest GMs:
* Babylon City: incandescens (also occasional guestNPCing, assistance in Evil Planning)

The cast list in full is available here, including NPCs and PCs both. It is being maintained by sariel_di.

For more detailed information on SSO, visit the CandleWiki and join in the addiction!

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